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Happy Memorial Day to all those who celebrate! We're having a 20% off sale for the occasion. You can get our programs and indicators 20% off for the next week!

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Advanced Stochastics
Caretaker's RSI

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Krown Crypto Quant
Unleash the Power of Quantitative Trading in the Crypto Market with Krown Crypto Quant which marries our Krown Quant Project and Skeleton Key API products into a single sympatico subscription! Get the strategies and tools you need to customize and automate your trades effortlessly.

Access to 16 Quantitatively Tested Trading Strategies:
These strategies may be used on their own or can be used as a base strategy template to easily iterate off of based upon your trading preferences using our backtesting script.

Build Unique Strategies with the TradingView Script:
Customize your trading experience with our powerful TradingView script. Harness the full potential of our proprietary indicators within the Krown Trading ecosystem, combined with any indicators available on TradingView. Unleash your creativity and build completely unique strategies that align with your trading preferences.

Automated Backtesting for Performance Analysis:
Wondering how your customized strategy would perform in real-world scenarios? With Crypto Quant's TradingView script, you can easily backtest your strategies. Explore different timeframes, analyze historical data, and gain valuable insights into the performance of your strategy. Make data-driven decisions and fine-tune your approach to achieve optimal results.

Seamless Automated Trade Execution:
Say goodbye to manual trading and hello to automated trade execution! Crypto Quant empowers you to put your strategies into action effortlessly. Connect to your preferred exchange and let a third-party API service automatically execute your trades based on your predefined parameters.
Get The Jewel Lite
Krown Premium is the home of the Jewel Lite - the incredibly reliable indicator that simplifies trading with easy-to-follow signals - and it is exclusively available with Krown Premium. The Jewel Lite is designed to be a compact and a reliable addition to standard tools such as RSI and stochastics indicators. The Jewel Lite includes the immediate momentum oscillator (light blue line) from the full Jewel, helping validate your every trade. If you've ever found yourself second-guessing yourself in a trade, the Jewel Lite can be your deciding factor. Don't make things harder on yourself - save time and trade confidently with the Jewel Lite, just one of the many benefits of Krown Premium.
Unlimited Trading Journal Entries
Get the most out of our recently launched Trading Journal feature with Premium. You'll get unlimited journal entries so you can get the most comprehensive read on your overall performance.
Get Access To the one hour Timeframe
Need more up to the hour data? With Premium, you get access to more than just the free daily market information, you get access to the hourly as well. Just click on the yellow badge in the top-left of the graph to change between timeframes.
App Customization
With Krown Premium you don't just get access to even more data & timeframes, but you'll also be able to arrange and organize that data to your preferences.

With Premium you can create your own custom dashboard as well as arrange market data to your liking, giving you more options. The new customization options put you in the driver seat and it's as easy as dragging and dropping to rearrange your preferences.

*Please note some customization options are only available on desktop devices.
The Krown Crypto Newsletter
There's a daunting amount of signal to noise in the crypto space. That's where the Krown Crypto Newsletter comes in.

The KCN aims to cover a wide range of topics from NFTs to altcoins, the BTC macro cycle, and hidden gems. Written for both the experienced trader and newcomers alike (complete with a glossary of terms to catch you up). When you sign up for Premium, you get access to each new issue, hot off the presses. Use the KCN as your cheat sheet to more insights into the world of crypto and reap the rewards.
Access to more data
Premium gets you access to more timeframes as well as access to more assets. Get access to the top 500 altcoins when you sign up for Premium. This extends to your Portfolio where you can easily track unlimited assets and transactions. We'll be adding more coins regularly and new places to put all this data to use (like in the User Alerts with our next big update to this feature). Don't settle for less!
More to come...
We're just getting started with Premium and you can expect to get more out of it over time with the addition of more features, content, and indicators. On the roadmap are trading Journals, exclusive indicators for Premium users, aggregate social charts that quickly indicate which cryptos are being talked about the most, a robust alert system overhaul that will include the top 500 coins, additional customization options, and more control over the crypto news you see within the app. Lock in now and ensure you get it all for the best value.
Unlock Premium

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Krown Crypto Quant
Eric Crown
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The definitive trading strategy guide - this is the "secret sauce" of trading
Includes access to our Skeleton Key TradingView script. A powerful script that allows you to customize and automate your strategies
Get the strategies and the tools for success all in one comprehensive package
This is a subscription product billed recurrently at $500 per month.
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Picture of Eric Crown
The Art & Application of Technical Analysis
Eric Crown
Was $1799
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Learn how professionals read & analyze charts, and use that information to make their trades
Our bestseller; contains over 75+ videos, at over 31+ hours of content with more added regularly
Includes access to an exclusive Discord channel where Krown and other traders talk trading
Program normally $1799. Payment plans available. See checkout for details.
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Advanced program
Master your options
Eric Crown
Was $1799
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This course is designed for seasoned traders interested in learning about options trading
54 videos, nearly 17 hours of content
Includes access to an exclusive Discord channel where Krown and other traders talk trading
Program normally $1799. Payment plans available. See checkout for details.
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for beginners
neophyte's initiation to trading & technical analysis
Eric Crown
Was $300
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This course is designed for those who are completely new and want to know where to start
26 videos, over 11 hours of content
This course will walk you step-by-step through the entire setup process and teach you the basics
Program normally $300. No payment plans available for this program.
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Pinescript Mastery: Learn to make Your Own Indicators
Romain Subrero
Was $400
Now 20% off original price!
Learn to make your own indicators and strategies in trading view
20 videos from basics to code strategy
This course takes you step-by-step through the entire process of getting started with Pine Script
Program normally $400. No payment plans available for this program.
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Indicators & Tools
Gordon Hinds
Use to execute multi-stochastic cross-based swing-trading strategies, while also giving clear direction bias during strong trending moves
On-chart long, and short, entry, and exit price levels shown both graphically and in an infobox
Includes supplemental videos to get you acquainted with the indicator
This indicator is a subscription product billed recurrently at $40 per month.
Learn More
Caretaker RSI Divergence Indentifier
Gordon Hinds
Pay once and get access to clean and easy-to-read divergence for the lifetime of the product
Both bullish & bearish divergences charted, including hidden bullish and bearish
Includes supplemental video showing optimal use cases, examples, and trading strategy
This indicator is a subscription product billed recurrently at $40 per month.
Learn More
Advanced Stochastics
Combines both the popular regular stochastics and Directional Movement Index
Forecasted price levels showing where the momentum and trend will flip
Includes supplemental video showing optimal use cases, examples, and trading strategy
This indicator is a subscription product billed recurrently at $40 per month.
Learn More
the Jewel
Krown Trading
Was $1499
Now 20% off original price!
Our proprietary indicator that has been used by thousands to help give them an edge
Displays momentum for markets at multiple timeframes for increased signal accuracy
Includes access to an exclusive Discord channel where Krown provides candid insight
Indicator normally $1499. No payment plans available for this indicator. This is NOT a subscription.
Learn More
Krown Merch
Lose your shirt? Try one of ours!
worth every dollar
I've watched through the whole course once so far. It was really great man. Much better than I expected or hoped for. Worth every dollar.
- tiels
stack 'em high
Loving the course dude. [I've seen] +66.33% ROE - stacking them chips!
- hdiesel
pays for itself
I already made back the money I spent on the course. Took less than a day. Cheers!
- morgan doel
great starting course
Easy to understand, straight to the point! Great course to start with!
- daan kouwen
kingly gains
The EMA module is king! One can make all kind of gains with it.
- sushi42
even higher education
The EMA part of your module should cost more than my college education.
- greg meyle
"gave me a nice profit"
I made a call on the basis of your indicator module... and it gave me a nice profit.
- one
Defines a working strategy
I'm loving the program. It's really helped me define a strategy that's been working.
-Donald Duck
pays for itself
Krown's course has been a solid stone on which I could lean on to make decisions. It is very detailed... I can say that I could make the tuition fee in the first week.
- quebequer
Saw the light
The volume module is like Jesus slapped me.
- millenn tan
My latest epiphany - the only reason I survived as a trader in the last couple years without Krown's programs is because it was a bull market.
- nemo
can't wait to start
The course is amazing bro! Thank you so much! I can't wait to start trading.
- emanuel
The Free Krown Trading App
The Krown Trading app is democratizing data with access to daily market data, insights, and the tools you need to trade like a pro.

Tools like our recently launched free Trading Journal feature are designed to easily help you track your performance and quickly see where your strengths and weaknesses are. Track like a pro with our free trading journal. Note: This feature requires registering a free Krown Trading account to use.

The Krown Trading app features 25+ free, daily, on-chain charts giving you access to more free market data than anywhere else. From 100% verified exchanges with on-chain metrics you can be sure that every piece of data reflected is as accurate as possible. Check out the full line-up for free on our app.
The Krown Crypto Newsletter
The crypto space is fast-paced, deep, and complex, making it easy to let an opportunity slip by unnoticed - in a word, the crypto space can be daunting. That’s where the Krown Crypto Newsletter comes in.

With 6 big, info-packed sections every month, we cover the Bitcoin macro cycle from viewpoints you may have never seen before as we cover Altcoin gems, NFTs and DeFi projects before they take off. We'll also put you in touch with some of the best hidden gems in the crypto space by shining a light on some lesser known, but extremely insightful voices in the community, and we'll provide in-depth, on-chain analytics that can show you not only what technical analysis may not, but move you closer to being profitable by teaching you, in detail, so you can learn to be a step ahead of the market. There's a daunting amount of signal-to-noise in the world of crypto; the KCN exists to cut through the clutter so you don't have to.

Check it out for yourself and you'll see why the Krown Crypto Newsletter is your new cheat sheet to trading success.
Free Content Streamed Regularly
Not sure if Krown Trading is right for you? Still wondering what this is all about? We have daily free streams providing all the price action news and analysis you need on the crypto, forex, and traditional markets. Join us and over 150k other enthusiasts on our regular streams and see for yourself what Krown is all about.

Who is Krown? Eric Crown has spent his life on the Floors of major U.S. Options Exchanges learning the Art of Technical Analysis and the Art of Trading from several of the best Traders in the world. After a decade of Market Making in Equity Options on both New York Stock Exchange ARCA (NYSE Arca) and Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) he began coming up with his own, unique, strategies and perfecting them. Soon after, he ventured into the realm of trading digital currencies where he has been trading ever since, though his lessons are applicable to any real-world market. He now streams regularly for tens of thousands of traders, having built a thriving community for those who are looking to trade smarter, not harder.
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Easily keep up with all the latest and greatest in the crypto space with the Krown Trading app. Get free access to the crypto market data, news, and all things Krown, all in one place.
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